If you love the creamy smoothness of “Melts in Your Mouth” Yum Yum peanut butter, you’ll find the brand’s latest innovation simply irresistible. Yum Yum Go! is a handy single-serve sachet that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Delicious, nutritious and convenient, these nifty single-serve sachets make a great on-the-go snack for active families – and they’re the perfect solution for healthy school lunchboxes!

There’s nothing like a spoonful of “Melts in Your Mouth” peanut butter when you need an energy boost. Not only are the new Yum Yum Go! Sachets “Melts in Your Mouth” tasty, but they are also a nutritious lunchbox essential. Packed with energy, natural fibre, vitamins and minerals, the Yum Yum Go! Sachets are a delicious peanut-ty snack that make life for busy families-on-the-move even more convenient.

“We may be used to spreading the nutty deliciousness of Yum Yum onto toast or sandwiches, but our new sachets will provide families with even more ways to enjoy this smooth and creamy snack. Now children can be creative about how they enjoy the “Melts in Your Mouth” taste of Yum Yum, whenever they are on-the-go.”

“Whether they choose to eat it straight from the sachet or with fruit, they will be given the energy they need for their busy day. Moms and dads can also enjoy a boost before going to the gym, or even between meetings at the office,” explains Nelia Nieuwoudt, Yum Yum Brand Manager.

No matter how jam-packed the schedule is for the day, your loved ones will go nuts for the new Yum Yum Go! Sachets. Pop one in the kids’ lunchboxes, your laptop bag or your partner’s gym gear and your family will be given the energy boost they need to get them through their busy modern lives. Convenient, healthy and “Melts in Your Mouth” tasty, the Yum Yum Go! Sachets are the perfect treat for people-on-the-move.

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