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Dodge the dodgy Friday the 13th jinx

Prepare your underground safety bunker, draw the curtains and tell your boss you won’t be coming in on Friday. If you haven’t already realised, April began on a Sunday, which means you’re going to have to deal with a Friday the 13th situation this week…

Friday the 13th is commonly known for being a day filled with bad luck, when you should stay indoors, not walk under ladders, and avoid black cats. But this all changes in April 2018.

By royal decree, the time has come to take the ‘bad luck’ out of Friday the 13th. Accidents may still happen, geysers may still burst, laptops may still be stolen… But when the chips are down you’re going to need more than lady luck on your side.

The fact is, everything you do involves some level of risk, regardless of what day it is… But it’s about how you roll with the punches (by minimising the effect). Wynand van Vuuren, spokesperson at King Price, shares how, with the right cover, Friday the 13th (or any other day of the year) needn’t be all bad luck.

Check and check again

From your front door to your car, always double-check that you’ve locked behind you. Try your car-door handle to make sure you’ve locked it, and avoid becoming a victim of remote jamming. And once the door is locked, always make sure that you don’t leave any valuables in sight. If you’ve decided to leave your car at home, make sure to book a ride with respected service providers.

But you can do more than just turning keys… An occasional home inspection to examine your alarm and electric fencing around your house will ensure that everything is in working condition. “It’s important to ensure that anything you’ve outlined in you policy document is still true today,” says Wynand. “From whether you have a working alarm, a lock(ed)-up garage, or still live in your start-up home… Because if your reality doesn’t line up with your insurer’s records, you might not be covered when lady luck is napping on the job.” And if you upgrade your security system, it’ll help keep you and your people safe and could also lower your home content insurance premium.

He said, she said

You’ve invested all your cents in making sure that your cabby stands out from the rest. From the chrome mags to the flame stickers that make your baby your own… It’s finally ‘just so you’. But don’t let taking your eye off the wheel rob you of all the road trips you could’ve had together or spoil your fun before it’s even begun…

When your ride proves to be the beast you’ve always known it to be, and runs into someone else’s pride and joy, make sure you can restore both your and their wheels to their former glory. “Third party insurance will ensure that you’re not personally financially responsible for any damage you cause to someone else’s car,” says Wynand. “And if you can ward off evil every month, for less, with decreasing premiums, your luck has already changed for the better (wink wink).” 

Do you need it? Or do you want to need it?

You become more of a target for thieves when you have flashy things. Before hitting the streets, switch out your designer items for less-fancy 1s and consider leaving any bling-bling at home. And if your ‘it-item’ absolutely needs to make the trip with you, consider hiding it away in a deep and inconvenient pocket. Never stick your valuables in a front pocket or anywhere else that’s easily accessible.

“And if you simply can’t go without it, make sure you have it covered,” says Wynand. “Quickly calculate what it’ll cost you to replace a lost handbag… Most people don’t have a large enough wad of cash in their back pocket to bounce back instantly, so why not invest a little in insurance, to save a lot in the long run.”

By being more aware, you’ll soon find that you’re also less unlucky. So keep calm… Throw some garlic in your bag (just in case), make sure your insurance is up-to-date, and step out safely, in confidence.

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