Phumeza Langa is a freelance writer and communications consultant, continuously reminding herself to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets her soul on fire. She loves seeing people, especially women, pursuing their passions in the way that they have chosen for themselves and living with courage as they challenge the status quo – and as a writer, this wife and mother loves to share those stories to inspire others.

She is feminist and very vocal about wanting to see women be more supportive of one another as well as celebrating each other in their individual ventures. She is a serial opportunity sharer – that person who will gladly pass on information about an opportunity that can help others grow, pursue a passion and see them take that next step in their lives.

I’m crazy about Africa and seeing us change the narrative of our continent, owning it and sharing it with one another and the world. There are so many perceptions out there and some are truly backward and ancient!”

Phumeza hosts a weekly Twitter chat, #SistaHoodHour on Wednesdays between 13h00 – 14h00. The focus is on women, no matter the age or background. She creates a place for them to discuss a lot of the issues that affect them. The emphasis of the chat is to empower, share experiences and lessons. It is not about excluding men, they are welcome to join the conversation, especially when the Sistaz need to hear their thoughts and opinions, but it is about creating a space that belongs to women.

Her day job is currently in corporate as part of a marketing and communications team.


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