Thirty Spur Steak Ranches nationally have now been equipped with Sensormatic technology to ensure children are kept within a safe zone, thanks to Spur’s partnership with Fidelity ADT.

The pilot project started in May at the Spur outlet in Sunninghill where Sensormatic pedestals were placed at the entrance/exit of the store and magnetic pinless tags were attached to children’s clothes as they entered the play area. “The proof of concept was so successful and well-received by patrons that the initiative has been rolled out to 29 other Spur franchises around the country. This could not have come at a better time considering the increase in incidents involving children being reported on of late,” says Ilze Van Eck, Retail Lead Fidelity ADT. 

On entry into the play area each child’s clothing is tagged by a childminder for that area. The tags attach securely without damaging the child’s clothing and staff are trained on where to attach the tag so it does not hurt the child in the play area. The tag can only be removed at the pay desk once the family leaves with the child. “If a child attempts to leave the restaurant without his or her parents an alarm activates,” says van Eck.

She says this technology will go a long-way to ensure that restaurants and other venues, where children’s activities are on offer, remain secure. “The technology has been used for years in retail stores so it made perfect sense to introduce it into the restaurant industry. We believe that other restaurant chains will follow suit as there is increased demand for security, especially when it comes to children,” she says. 

Fidelity ADT, which holds the exclusive distribution rights for the Sensormatic Retail Solutions portfolio in Sub Saharan Africa, already provides Sensormatic products to over 70% of the retail market and the largest FMCG Retailer in Africa.  Commenting on the partnership David Green, Global Channels and Unified Commerce Leader for Sensormatic Solutions concludes, “We are thrilled to have Fidelity ADT as our exclusive partner in South Africa. They have taken the Sensormatic brand and technology beyond the retail environment.” The company hopes to expand this type of innovation and extended benefits to other industries across the commercial sector. “As the retail industry in South Africa continues to transform, Fidelity continue to listen to their customers and commit to bringing the best and most relevant Sensormatic solutions to the market,” concludes Green.

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