Sylvester Meyer, local IT expert and CEO iTekie has warned the global Covid-19 crisis could see cyber security attacks increase as employees work from home or their local coffeeshops to minimize social contact.

Quite a number of companies in the UK have already reported cases of hackers making use of the crisis, to steal confidential information.

How can hackers steal information with employees working from home or a local coffeeshop? There are a lot of mechanism for cybersecurity attacks on WIFI but the biggest issue working at home or coffee shop on public Wi-Fi is snooping and sniffing. Hackers use certain software that allows them to get hold of your data. Hackers can track your data on the websites you visit such as internet banking and get your login credentials, also if you have credit card details saved on your passwords list , hackers can have access to them .

How can companies secure their servers and information? Is there something they can do? A layered approach that provides multiple levels of protection so that if an attacker gets through one layer there are further protections in place.  Connect via VPN Gateway!  Protecting the company network based attacks you can implement DDoS Protection and or Firewall and you can also protect the network with limited network activity on all resources coming from the outside into the organisation.

Many employees have their own WIFI at home. Why are they still vulnerable? Be vigilant ! We know that our country is facing a crisis . Don’t click on links , don’t subscribe to COVID-19 emails. Make sure that your passwords are encrypted / difficult . Make sure the correct policies and processes are in place within the organisation . The kids will be a distraction, so I urge people to be vigilant !!!

Is now perhaps a time then to change passwords more often? Multi Factor Authentication provides additional security for your identities by requiring two or more elements for full authentication. Methods such as email notification, text or code sent to phone and security questions.

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