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Ensure your kids are cybersmart and win!

It’s a reality that kids spend just as much time (if not more) online as we do! This is certainly a scary realisation for parents, especially considering what can be found on the Internet these days – not to mention the harsh reality of cyberbullying that children face.

Youth Day provides the perfect opportunity to raise awareness around the online dangers our children can be exposed to, and how we can go about ensuring they are protected. While parenting can be stressful, online protection shouldn’t be! And it is with this in mind that Kaspersky Lab not only offer the below tips to us, but are also offering you the chance to win 1 of 2 Kaspersky Total Security products, to help keep your families devices that connect to the Internet secure.

Kaspersky Total Security

Safety tips for children about the online world:

  • Talk to children about online sharing – explain what can happen if an image gets used inappropriately and how this can impact a child’s future. Teach children what can, and should not, be shared online.
  • Address the topic of cyberbullying – don’t shy away – parents should not wait for a child to raise the issue of cyberbullying. The topic should be discussed by the family proactively – to ensure children understand what it is, how to identify it and what measures to take if they become a victim.

To enter the competition, please answer the following question:

Q: Name one feature of the Kaspersky Total Security solution.

Send your answer to hellomudiwa@gmail.com. Competition closes 22 June 2018

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