As a busy mom constantly on the go, chances are you rely heavily on your mobile devices to not only stay connected to your family, but to work while on the move, shop online and make those important monthly payments. You likely also use your devices to capture those ‘oh so adorable’ moments by taking pictures of your precious little ones. And of course, as your children grow up in the digital age, they too are using such devices more regularly.

While you may try to have sight over all apps in use by your children on your family’s mobile devices or are very selective in terms of the websites your devices access, you and your family are still at risk of cyber threats that could compromise your personal information online.

Imagine, for example, that you need to urgently send an important document while on the go or make a quick payment you forgot about that is due urgently. So, you quickly connect to the Wi-Fi in the nearest coffee shop to do what you need to. But what if the Wi-Fi is not secure? What risk are you putting your device and information in? And imagine if you are with your child who is bored and asks to play games on one of your devices while you are busy with the other device, or on their own device, and he/she connects to this unsecure Wi-Fi to do so. What risk will you or his/her device be exposed to?

How can you ensure your family is safe in such a situation, along with everything that is valuable to you on your devices – privacy, data, money, memories, etc? And how can you do this in a way that fits into your digital lifestyle as a busy mom – adapting to your needs as and when you connect?

Kaspersky Lab’s completely new product – an adaptive service called Kaspersky Security Cloud – can help you achieve this. Everyone’s online behaviour is unique and that is why Kaspersky Lab have invented and patented adaptive protection technology – adaptivity means that the service offers protection exactly when you need it, depending on your behaviour and the device you use.

In line with this, Kaspersky Lab are offering two lucky readers a chance to win 1 of 2 activation codes of the latest Kaspersky Security Cloud product – the family version for  20 accounts.

To stand a chance of winning, please email your answer to the following question to

What is the Kaspersky Security Cloud Product designed to do?

  1. Prevents you from going online to keep you safe.
  2. Prevents online threats while adapting to your lifestyle.
  3. Shows you how clouds move in the sky.
  4. Educates you to become a cyber threat Kung-Fu champion.

Click here to help you find the answer. Good luck!

Entries close on the 15 December 2018.

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