Breakfast is meant to be the most important meal of the day, but for many families it’s the worst of times – a tense cocktail of sleepy-eyed parents, grumpy or distracted children, immovable school run deadlines, missing uniforms, lost books, short tempers and even food fights.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five tips from Cappy™ to make the mornings less manic.

  1. HAVE A ROUTINE. Build a realistic schedule (with some slack in it) and stick to it each day so the kids know what is expected and when, and that they aren’t constantly rushed. It also helps you to know if you’re running on time or not.
  2. GET UP EARLIER. It’s hard to do this, we know, but that extra 15 minutes in bed is not worth it, for you or the kids. It just builds stress. If they (or you) battle to get up, then bedtime should be brought forward.
  3. PLAN AHEAD. Use the evenings to make the mornings easier – you might feel too tired to do it then, but you’ll be very grateful when the alarm goes off. Get the lunchboxes done or, at least, part assembled; do some basic breakfast food prep; iron uniform.
  4. MAKE AN AGREEMENT. Kids can be reluctant to eat healthily at breakfast but it’s essential that they do so. Experiment at the weekends and get their input. Let them make some choices on what they prefer while you ensure their overall diet is on track.
  5. EAT SUPER FRUIT. To ensure that the kids (and you) get a good fruit intake, stock up on super fruits such as berries, apples and bananas for an easy win. Top up with a Cappy™ juice 1.5l for the whole family at breakfast or the 330m cans for the perfect lunchbox sip snack.

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