After almost three months of my son, Mpilo, being with his dad, I finally fetched him because it was almost time for him to go back to school.

You know, I’ve never been so undecided about anything in my life. Homeschooling wasn’t quite working for us, I had to take him to his dad because my job was so hectic that I couldn’t help him with his school work. Although Mpilo’s dad tried his best to help with the school work, it was difficult for him too. Because, let’s face it. We’re not trained for this.

So when Mpilo’s school sent a letter informing us that all leaners would be returning to school on 6 July, I thought maybe he should go back. The school had orientation for Grade 1’s and 4’s this past Wednesday, so although I hadn’t quite figured out what I would do, I decided to take him for orientation. I figured I’d make my final decision by Sunday, the 5th.

I must admit, being there, with not even 10% of the learners in the school scared me. I got so nervous for my son. The thought of him contracting this virus almost made me cry in the parking lot outside the school. So then I really started wondering, am I really willing to risk losing my child because I can’t home school?

Orientation was just over an hour, and when he came back he told me that he doesn’t want to go back to school on the 6th. He told me everything they were told during orientation – all the safety measures the school has put in place (and I must commend his school for a job well done), but he still wasn’t comfortable going back. I think that’s when this Coronavirus sunk in for him.

I must admit, his decision made mine even easier. He will not be going back to school on Monday, 6 July!

Luckily, Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshega, made an announcement on July 2nd that only Grade R and 6 learners would return to school on Monday. Although my child isn’t going back yet, I still fear for the other kids who will be back at school.

Is your child going back to school next week?

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