Boomerang and Cartoon Network are still firm favourites for South African youth! There is no clearer indication of that than the Sunday Times Gen Next Awards, where the two WarnerMedia channels once again dominated the television category.

With nominations across the categories: Coolest TV Channels (Cartoon Network)Coolest Entertainment Channel (Cartoon Network),  Coolest Kids TV Channels (Cartoon Network & Boomerang) and Coolest Cartoon Shows (Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, Teen Titans Go!, The Regular Show; Tom & Jerry) WarnerMedia’s kids’ multiplex have been leading the pay-TV category in South Africa since 2014 amongst kids viewers.*

Following the online awards announcement made on Friday, 21 August 2020, the channels came out tops with the subsequent awards: Coolest TV Channel where Cartoon Network beat leading brands in music and entertainment; Coolest Kids TV Channel (Cartoon Network) with Boomerang coming in 4th place; WarnerMedia’s kids’ multiplex  shows,  Mr. BeanThe Regular Show, Tom & Jerry, and Teen Titans were voted #1, #2, #3 and #5 respectively in the Coolest Cartoon Shows category; and Cartoon Network was took the #2 spot in the Coolest Entertainment Channel category.

Now in its 16th year, the Sunday Times Gen Next Survey is considered the leading barometer of what South Africa’s youth find on-trend and aspirational, delivering key insights valued by brand management, advertising and marketing professionals alike. With more than six thousand respondents, this year’s survey also included, for the first time ever, a sample population of Young Professionals aged 25-30 years.

Reaching more than 15 million viewers per month**, Cartoon Network is widely watched by kids, and young adults alike with Emmy Award-winning programming such as Ben 10 and Teen Titans Go! alongside popular shows like Dragon Ball Super and Power Rangers.

Boomerang, home to much-loved shows including Mr. BeanMasha and the BearZig and Sharko, and iconic frenemies Tom & Jerry, reaches more than 11 million viewers per month***

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